Project: Casa Beatnik, boutique hotel
Scope of work: Design and procurement for furniture and bathrooms suites, indoor and outdoor lounge.
Location: Santiago de Compostela, Spain

When Daniel Alonso, founder of Bonhomme Group and Creative director of Maison Bonhomme decided to open the first Boutique Hotel venture, he was very direct in his vision. He approached Luca Lanzetta founder of Luca Lanzetta Group with the clear intention to elevate the level of his projects (restaurants and hotels).

When Luca saw the brief from Dani he knew right away what to do but with once challenge:
A new interpretation of modern Italian design tailored to a super cozy colorful boutique hotel.

For this purpose Luca selected the collection il Bagno made by Antoniolupi for all the bathroom suites to give a mix of modern and classic with a very warm feeling. For all the suites the furniture selected by Luca was built by Molteni&C but with a lot of custom colorful fabrics in line with the Mediterranean and Maroccan feel of the hotel. Large common areas, lounges and bar we’re designed with both intent of getting people to socialize and have private space. A lot of curves and round shapes, very cozy, soft,warm and colorful.

For the outdoor seating Luca collaborated for the first time with Viccarbe a furniture company based in Valencia.

The masterpiece of the hotel? The master suite created in a former chapel.