Luca Lanzetta is visionary founder and principal of Luca Lanzetta Group

Luca Lanzetta, visionary founder and principal of Luca Lanzetta Group, launched the company in 2007 with a commitment to building a lasting legacy of beautiful, functional spaces that stand the test of time. An ambassador of his home country, he brings the principles of fine Italian design to homes across the globe.

Luca Lanzetta Group provides design services to clients across North America and Europe from its offices in Chicago and Milan, successfully completing projects ranging from single-family homes and condominiums to multi-unit buildings and hotels.

Committed to the pursuit of harmonizing possibility with perfection, the firm upholds a set of standards that reflect impeccable contemporary design, a mastery of precision and a dedication to crafting strikingly beautiful living spaces.

Luca Lanzetta and his team are passionate about design, consistently raising the bar and approaching every project with the curiosity, hard work and dedication it requires to create inspiring spaces that allow clients to achieve their desired lifestyle. The firm offers unmatched service to its clients and partners, ensuring an engaging and gratifying design experience from beginning to end.