Luca Lanzetta LLC is an interior design and procurement firm with retail flagship stores exclusively dedicated to some of the top brands of home furnishing goods made in Italy.

The firm is specialized in modern design of kitchen, bathrooms, closets, shelving systems and lighting for high end residential projects and some commercial applications.

Founded in 2007 by Luca Lanzetta with the opening of the first flagship store dedicated to Ernestomeda kitchens, the company rapidly grew in the following years extending operations with Antoniolupi bathrooms flagship store and recently with Molteni&C and Poliform brands.

The firm extended its range of procurement to upholstery pieces, stone and architectural lighting with Viabizzuno.

Based in Chicago Luca Lanzetta LLC has a proven track record for completing projects from single family homes or condominiums to multi-unit building and hotels across the US including New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco.

The firm serves as a resource for architects and interior designers. Inspired by passion for design, curiosity for the potential of space and materials the firm often takes risk behind clients demand.

As a result Luca Lanzetta’s work strives for the extraordinary, exclusive and sometime non essential high quality product by challenging established standard of design and craftsmanship.